iSymphonic Orchestra – Crudebyte

SizeVariable (Sample IAPs)
Expanding UINone
Preset BrowserYes
RRP$9.99 + IAPs

iSymphonic Orchestra was designed with the goal to deliver you superb, extremely realistic and stunning orchestra sounds, instantly with the first key being pressed by you on your MIDI keyboard

  • 25 sounds included, 297 available via IAP
  • Disk streaming
  • AU Single sound player, does not have the following standalone features
  • Polyphony of several hundred stereo voices
  • Integrated effects with 18 presets
  • Scale Tuning & Master Tune
  • Hermode Tuning: Imitates the tuning behavior of well educated musicians of i.e. orchestras and choirs
  • MIDI velocity response curve editor
  • MIDI Player / Recorder
  • App States: Save app’s entire state as user presets
  • Interactive, easy & quick sound finder
  • Audiobus Support