Minimoog Model D – Moog

Expanding UINone
Preset BrowserYes
RRP$14.00 + IAPs

It’s a Mini Moog, if you don’t know what that is, then you are in the wrong game, you need to change!

  • Over 160 presets (More available via IAP)
  • Up to 4-notes of polyphony
  • Arpeggiator module with hold
  • Stereo ping-pong delay effect
  • Bender time modulation effect
  • Selectable envelope shapes and triggering behavior
  • A new take on the classic feedback/overload path
  • MIDI CC mapping
  • MIDI Program Changes
  • 7 and 14-Bit MIDI
  • MIDI Learn
  • Bluetooth LE MIDI controllers
  • Ableton Link