Phasemaker – Bram Bos

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Phasemaker’s characteristic frequency Modulation brings rich timbres and dynamic evolving sounds full of personality which are impossible to create with analog modelling. The 6-Operator architecture allows for lively multi-layered sounds with lots of expression and playability.

  • Ableton Link
  • Core MIDI/Virtual MIDI/Bluetooth MIDI
  • 42 FM Algorithms (including all 32 DX7 layouts)
  • 12 Oscillators, including the 8 original TX81z waveforms
  • Vintage sounding chorus and reverb effects for classic ambiance
  • Realtime Mutate
  • All 106 parameters can be automated using MIDI CC and AU Parameters
  • Audiobus 3 support
  • Export .MID/.WAV from standalone